Bishop Bradosky's Discipleship Bible Study

Bishop Bradosky’s Discipleship Bible Study

 Feel free to download the materials using the button below. The study will be live-streamed on our Facebook Page each of the Sundays listed below.

The Bishop’s Discipleship Bible Study will guide us through questions about the church as an institution, what it produces; and conversely, the church as a “redemptive body of Christ at work in this world, leading people to faith in Jesus, and helping them to grow and mature in their faith so they too can bear fruit.”

Bishop Bradosky states that the ultimate result of the over-institutionalization of the Church is that it becomes weak and ineffective. How do we rate in the NALC and at Good Hope? Are you happy, almost relieved, when we welcome new members into our congregation? The problem with “membership” is that members become inactive, and are eventually removed from membership.  How will Good Hope make disciples, not just members? Join the conversation…