Visit from our Missionaries

February 7, 2021 all-day
Visit from our Missionaries @ Sanctuary

A few years ago when Dale & Jody Davis visited Good Hope, they were excited about The Hospital of Hope, a new hospital being built in the village of Mango in northern Togo, in western Africa.
The express purpose of this project was to reach Muslims for Christ. They are coming to Good Hope once again to share news about their international mission work. On February 6th & 7th, be sure to tune in online, or attend worship and hear their message during Saturday 3:30pm or Sunday 10am services.
We have been supporting the Davis Family and their missionary work with our prayers and finances for several years. Some of you might remember that they are the niece and nephew of Don and Sue Meeker. Early on, in 2001, they lived in Quebec, Canada, and spent 15 months learning French in preparation for an eight-year ministry in Chad, Africa. At times they were helping the Bible School director, or facilitating a Bible translation ministry, at other times they were involved in making decisions about a hospital.
When they were preparing to make their move to Togo, it seemed that God had been preparing the couple; teaching them skills for a specific ministry. Through their work with the ABWE (Association of Baptists for World Evangelism) the faithfulness of God, and 5 years of construction, the community of Mango was forever changed. In February 2015, the Hospital of Hope, a $6 million, 43- bed surgical hospital, opened in northern Togo, in an area known to contain the largest population of non-Christian in the world. Patients now travel from miles away to a facility where their medical needs are met, they are prayed for in the name of Jesus Christ, and they are introduced to the gospel in their own language.
After their time in Togo, the Davis family moved to a new ministry in Bangladesh. As of March 2020, their ministry in Bangladesh ended and they are waiting to return to Togo! Their focus this time will be the expansion of an existing hospital facility in southern Togo. Many plans are still being worked out, but they are ready to dedicate the next several years to this project.
The Davises say they are constantly amazed at how God has blessed their ministry over the years by providing financial support. It has been about 10 years since they have had to actively bring financial needs to partners. They estimate a need of about $1,000 more per month in order to be fully supported and cleared to leave again for Togo. Why the change? Over the past 3 years, costs (especially health insurance) have steadily increased. Some of their faithful supporters have been called home and others have needed to decrease their support due to their own financial challenges.
Before they return to Togo, Dale and Jody have been traveling to visit with their mission partners, like Good Hop — to share stories of how Jesus has been introduced to people through their ministry, to encourage us, to thank us, and to ask for continued prayers and support