Job Postings

We have two of our office positions open at Good Hope.  A couple of weeks ago Anika turned in her resignation as Church Secretary, effective the end of January.  This week Erin turned in her resignation as Financial Secretary effective January 30th.   

The office secretary position is about 30 – 35 hours per week. 
The financial secretary position must be filled by a church member and is about 10-15 hours per week.   
When I first came, they were both filled by Diane Schuller, so that is a possibility.   

First of all, I would like to ask you and every member to pray repeatedly for these positions to be filled in a timely fashion with the person or persons that God would match us with.       

Secondly, if you are interested, or know someone who might be, please call Pastor Bob or the church office for either or both of the job descriptions.  And then, pray for the Lord to lead you on whether or not you should apply.  If interested, please send a resume to me right away. Obviously, we need to find the right person or persons in the near future.     

Thank you for praying about this  I’m praying with you,       
Pastor Bob