Live Stream May Updates

Have you appreciated live stream worship services?  We knew from the start that completely canceling church wasn’t going to happen at Good Hope.  

So- from Pastor Bob’s Facebook live to Matt Pagac lending us his cameras and expertise- we are now in the process of purchasing everything we will need to stay online with the right tools for the task.

Council has approved the purchase of a system that costs $6,090. Our online and recording ministry will be able to expand with this purchase.  Streaming worship services will continue beyond the COVID crisis.  Our shut-ins and others who simply cannot attend worship on Sunday morning will continue to be blessed.  The camera system is versatile and portable, and can be used for other worship and ministry purposes for many years to come.

In an effort to cover the cost of this investment, several donations have been made by members of our congregation.  If you would like contribute, please be sure to write the word “CAMERA” either on your envelope, your check, or your special online designation.

We have been working to improve the service live stream. If the live stream does not start automatically when you open the media page on our site, please refresh the page. Please note that the live stream has approximately a 30-second delay.

With all of the updates we are making to the site and especially the media page refreshing the browser on your device may be necessary.

All services will continue to live stream from our media page. Pastor’s Daily Devotionals will continue to be live on the Facebook page then will Archive on the media page after they are finished.

Older archives of services and devotions will be available on our YouTube channel.