A Message from Our Congregational Presiden – Mask Update

Behold I bring you good…. Sorry, that one has already been used. So, I will simply say “masks are off”.
If you are not aware of it by now, Council has determined that face coverings are no longer a requirement in the building. As I have stated in the past, the health and safety of our members and those who use our building has always been and will remain the foremost factor in our Covid-19 protocols.
We are still taking precautions to ensure health and safety guidelines. Please still practice social distancing, usher assistance during dismissal, and for the time being congregating outside. Should
you still feel the need to wear a face covering, please do not hesitate. On behalf of the Council, I would like to thank all of you for your patience, your cooperation, your generosity, and above all your support.
We will continue to keep you advised of any further changes in our church life.
Thank you again,

On Sunday, June 6th the council met after church and voted to NO LONGER REQUIRE MASKS beginning Monday, June 14th. Masks will be optional and all who wish to continue wearing them are welcome to do so. President Glenn Sivak will address the congregation about the council’s decision this coming Sunday.
The first SUNDAY that the council’s decision will take effect is Father’s Day, June 20th – exactly one year since we began holding in-person worship services on Sunday mornings.
The council’s intent is to gradually ease our restrictions. We’ve already replaced the cushions, hymnals, and Bibles in the pews. For now, social distancing will continue to be required. And, we continue to respectfully ask those who are ill to watch from home, as well as any who have recently been exposed to someone with the virus