New Photo Directory

Good Hope’s 2024 Photo Directory will be unlike any other! Instead of bringing in a company to take our pictures, the Anniversary Team is asking each individual or family to submit a picture of themselves.
There are a few reasons for this change 1) companies we have hired in the past have shut down the church directory side of their business 2) was have the capability of printing a picture directory house 3) submitting a photo allows you to choose the best picture taken of you within the last 5 years.
Examples of photos you may choose to submit include: vacation pics, Easter or Christmas photos, and candid shots. You may submit a photo by email (at a high resolution) or you can bring a printed photo to the office.
For those of us who would like to have a new picture taken, the Anniversary Committee has arranged 3 opportunities. The first will be at the church picnic. Two more in-person opportunities are set for Sundays June 30th and July 7th after the 10 am service. The last chance for you to have your picture taken at church is Tuesday, July 9th from 1- 7 pm.
The FINAL day for all photo submissions is July 15th. Please help make our 95th Anniversary directory as complete as possible. This is one way we record the history of Good Hope. Start sending your pictures to Lindsay today! [email protected]