Drive-In Worship Extending Into Autumn

For over 30 years, Good Hope has hosted casual summer worship
services. In a season when Covid-19 has changed- even shut down things that bring us joy, we are blessed to have the opportunity and
resources to extend something good.
Wednesday evening worship services will continue to be held in Good
Hope’s parking lot, even after summer has ended. We have only two
opportunities for in-person worship: Saturday at 4pm and Sunday
mornings at 10am. Attendance for our Wednesday drive-in service has
been up, so Pastor Bob is encouraged and has decided to keep it going
for as long as weather permits.
If you haven’t tried a Wednesday drive-in, you now have several more
weeks to come to check it out on Saturdays.

The service is casual. Communion is
celebrated weekly. Folks can stay in their cars or bring lawn chairs.
There is plenty of space for social distance. Our drive-in provides an alternative for members who are not yet ready to come inside the
church building.
The service is led by Pastor Bob and Nina from under the carport and is
broadcast with a sound system; and, for those who want to sit in the
parking lot and listen through their car radios, it can be heard on 92.3
FM. Additionally, the drive-in services are posted live to Facebook.