Safety Protocol Updates – November 16, 2021

At its November 16th meeting, the council decided that it was time to make the following changes to our Sunday morning Covid-19 safety protocols.  The changes will begin on Nov. 21st.

  1. The side entrance doors on Homestead Dr. will again be opened before, during or after worship.
  2. The side aisles of the sanctuary can again be used at any time before, during or after worship.
  3. We will no longer have an usher dismiss the congregation by pews at the end of the service.  However, we still encourage respectful social distancing.
  4. The doors of the chapel and gathering room will again be opened.  Upon leaving the sanctuary those who wish to visit can do so in the gathering room while those who would prefer can exit down the hallway to the carport or through the doors to Homestead Dr.  We will not yet provide coffee in the gathering room.
  5. We currently restrict seating to every other pew.  We are not yet ready to lift that restriction.  However, the property committee will consider an alternative to the blue tape currently used.
  6. At our next service of Holy Communion, Nov 28th, we will return to serving communion at the front of the sanctuary with red wine and white grape juice filling every other space in the communion trays.  You will again come down the center aisle and return to your pew down the side aisle.  As you process down the aisle we again encourage respectful social distancing.