Sunday School Awards

Congratulations to all of the following students: We had two students with perfect attendance this past school year, Jacob Jenkins and Thomas Morris. There were three students with excellent attendance, Katie Biggs, Lucas Morris, and Willy Rankin. We also congratulate 9 students with good attendance: Catherine Barany, Andrew Biggs, Drea Dolby, Drenika Dolby, Brennan Gorby, Angelina Nespeca, Santino Nespeca, Ben Polonus, and Robbie Williamson.
Thank you to all of our Sunday School teachers who taught this past year, Karen Biggs, Lennie Hall, Brandy Maurer, Greg Maurer, Tom Morris, Erika Niddel, Paula Barany, Carol Swope, and Katrina Robison. Sunday School teachers make a difference! Thank you, for serving the Lord through teaching His Word.
Thank you, parents, who encouraged their children to come to Sunday School. Despite how the year ended, your children blessed our classrooms and made this year a joy!