Katterhenrich Family Visit Rescheduled

On February 7th, we will be blessed to have our missionaries, the Katterhenrich family, visit us Sunday
morning at Good Hope.
Stephen and Rachel along with their children, Hope and Scott, have been serving as missionaries as NALC global workers in Tanzania. They will be coming to Good Hope to share some of their experiences as they have been working to spread the Good News of Jesus by translating the written Word of God for communities that have never seen the Bible in their own language before.

Stephen and Rachel were both blessed to have grown up in the Church, involved in youth groups at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Grove City, Ohio, and in supportive Christian families. Through these, they learned the value of knowing and serving God, as well as serving others. Stephen went to Taylor University in Indiana and studied Christian Education and Biblical Studies. He developed a passion for the Word of God. Rachel studied Spanish and French at Hope College in Michigan and developed a passion for languages and culture.
The Katterhenrichs first heard about Wycliffe while they were in college. Rachel met a couple who had worked with Wycliffe in South America and who told them about the work of Bible translation. They each attended a one-week course on translation and loved it. Eventually, they realized that their passions aligned and pointed towards doing translation with Wycliffe.
They are currently working with a translation team in Tanzania, helping to begin the process of Bible translation for groups that don’t yet have God’s Word in their language. In Tanzania, they are analyzing languages, developing alphabets, and helping to train others in linguistic principles.
Most of the 40 languages in Tanzania where the translation is still needed do not yet have a written form. The majority have never been analyzed or documented. Good Hope has begun supporting the Katterhenrich family and their mission at the beginning of the year. We pray for them every Sunday. Soon, on Sunday, November 8th we will have the opportunity to see them in person and hear about the work they have been doing for God’s glory.