95th Anniversary Gift—12 Months to Reach Our Goal!

Good Hope’s 95th Anniversary will be celebrated on November 17, 2024. Included in this month’s newsletter is a special blue envelope. Please prayerfully fill it with a gift that will help Good Hope gather $9,500 to give away in honor of her 95th Anniversary. The envelope may contain a one-time gift or the start of the gift you intend to give throughout this year.
Additional envelopes are available at the church, or you may simply write “95th Anniversary” on the Other line of your regular giving envelope. Our gift will be given to the NALC’s 2020 Vision appeal.
2020 Vision aims to ensure “a legacy of faith today, tomorrow, and forever in all NALC congregations.”
There are four components of the 2020 Vision plan: GROW, SERVE, RENEW, and FULFILL. Details about the first three components were in the July, August, and September newsletters.
The last area, FULFILL, will support ongoing strategic planning.
Planning for the future of the NALC is grounded in our legacy, purpose, call to discipleship, opportunities, and core values. Funds allocated to FULFILL will go toward pilot ministry programs, research, and staffing additions that may be needed as the NALC grows.

Posterity shall serve him; it shall be told of the Lord to the coming generation; they shall come and proclaim his righteousness to a people yet unborn, that he has done it. –Psalm 22:30-31

Anniversary Committee

Exciting events always need a strong team to make them happen. We have roughly a year
to plan for Good Hope’s 95th Anniversary.
A committee is now forming to make decisions about the dinner and decorations, to investigate options for our new photo directory, and to brainstorm ideas that will make our anniversary celebration memorable.
Contact Karen to help with party planning and all
the rest!