Our Support of the NALC 2020 Vision

Good Hope will celebrate her 95th Anniversary in November
of this year. It is amazing to consider the many disciples who have
gone before us, building up this church, leaving a legacy. Good Hope
values Bible-centered preaching and teaching, prayer in all
circumstances, worship that connects us, and growth in discipleship.
We also value generous giving, hospitality to all and care for our
family in Christ, opportunities for all to heard, the spread of the
Gospel, and our Lutheran heritage.
A capital campaign, in support of the NALC’s 2020 Vision
plan, is underway to raise $5,000,000. 2020 Vision will provide a
pathway to ensure a legacy of faith today, tomorrow & forever. Good
Hope’s plan, in support of the national church’s capital campaign, is
to donate $9,500 in honor of our congregation’s 95th Anniversary.
Within the next months, much more information will be shared about
how you can help with this endeavor.
One of the components of 2020 Vision is the renewal of
current congregations. There are over 475+ congregations in the
NALC, each with their own strengths and needs. Even with the best
congregational strategies, our community needs the periodic
opportunity to reaffirm its roots while looking ahead to the future.
RENEW — one of the four main components of 2020 Vision —
provides opportunities for all NALC congregations to be renewed by
the Holy Spirit.
Facilitated by a leader from the NALC, Fresh Eyes for Mission
is purposefully designed to help each congregation recognize where
the Holy Spirit is leading them. We just might need new eyes to see
the future of Good Hope’s mission and ministry. To see one church’s
moving story, please visit